Why Join?

Be the best you can be 

The “Why”

Who doesn’t want to be the “best they can be”? Well believe it or not there is an answer to that rhetorical question. The only people who don’t want to be the best the can be are they who fear they can’t afford it. Either because it would expel them from their comfort zone, or the transformation would be too gruelingly intense, labor intensive, or cost prohibitive. These are myths and irrational thoughts that keep many of us from achieving the success and significance human beings need to thrive.

Wouldn’t you like to be in the best physical shape possible and to be able to trust your body’s natural cravings? Wouldn’t you like to be clear headed, creative, organized and productive in your life?

And what if you could get a handle on where you came from, what your “Higher Power” is? What if you could establish a cosmic flow of communication that nourished your soul on a regular basis, so that you clearly knew your purpose in life and could pursue it of your own volition with intrinsic motivation?